Crown House, Warehouse and Office Complex, Milton Keynes

Crown House, Warehouse and Office  Complex, Milton Keynes

PROJECT: Crown House.

LOCATION: Milton Keynes.

CLIENT: F&C Reit Asset Management 

TYPE: Office / Warehouse Refurbishment.

VALUE: £1.5 million etc.

DESCRIPTION: The client purchased the existing building, which was in need of refurbishment and was looking to maximise the investment. One of the original ideas was to fully refurbish the building and add an additional service yard. The front elevation would be altered with new coloured cladding and glazing. We achieved planning permission for this scheme. In the end the client decided to undertake a smaller level of refurbishment with the two upper main office floors gaining new carpet; ceiling tiles and repainted walls. The building is currently awaiting a new tenant.

COMPLETION: Completed 2016.


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